[LinuxBIOS] [PATCH] TeleVideo TC7020 support

Kenji Noguchi tokyo246 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 04:34:32 CET 2007


Attached is a patch for TeleVideo TC7020 support.
It should work fine with r2993. Please kindly review.

Large part of the patch is just a duplicate of  BCOM Winnet100 patch
hence many files retain copyright holder as Juergen Beisert.

My TC7020 runs Debian's unmodified kernel 2.6.18, and mount
/var /home /root and /tmp on /dev/shm/{var,home,root,tmp} so that
the Compact Flash drive remains read-only. No worries of wear and tear,
and clean shutdown.

I will see how MythTV performs on this box. DirectFB already runs nicely.
Does anyone know if GX1 MPEG decoder is supported by video4linux?

Kenji Noguchi

p.s. Sorry Uwe that I missed your email asking for the status.
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