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Marc Jones marc.jones at amd.com
Tue Nov 27 19:17:01 CET 2007

ron minnich wrote:
> here is my svn status with notes. I go on travel friday and would like
> to resolve all these.
> M      include/post_code.h (trying to pin this down)
> M      mainboard/pcengines/alix1c/initram.c (trivial misspelling,
> waiting more changes)
> M      mainboard/pcengines/alix1c/Makefile (whitespace change)
> M      lib/console.c (added banner and modified die, waiting ack from someone)
> M      northbridge/amd/geodelx/raminit.c (waiting ack, spd_read_byte
> and printk changes)
> M      arch/x86/geodelx/stage0.S (added POST calls, but we have a
> problem ... POST collision)
> the last one is hard. For why, see this file:include/arch/x86/amd_geodelx.h
> Marc is a pro, so his POST codes cover the space. Now what?
> ron


amd_geodelx.h could/should be cleaned to only have POST codes that Geode 
LinuxBIOS is actually using. I think that the entire geode list is in 
there. Also, in my experience it is ok to have overlapping post codes as 
long as there are key post codes that are not duplicated to indicate the 
areas that you are in.


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