[LinuxBIOS] v3: convert stage2 to multi-segment LAR

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Tue Nov 27 18:22:27 CET 2007

* ron minnich <rminnich at gmail.com> [071127 17:18]:
> Remember, there are no ELF files in the lar. I removed those with the
> earlier fix when I put ELF processing into LAR for the payloads.
> Remember that before I made this change we took ELF files and, with no
> processing, put them in the LAR. That was a mess! Sometimes you'd
> flash and boot and find out the ELF files were no good.
With all this, if I unpack a LAR archive, and repack it again, will it
still produce a working archive?

> All I did a a while ago was move ELF *payload* parsing
> out of linuxbios and into lar, so we would never again find out, after
> having flashed a new bios, that the ELF file we flashed was invalid

.. I think this broke at least OFW as a payload. But that's a different
story. In general I agree ELF parsing does not necessarily belong into
the core firmware. Interesting to see how many broken ELF files are out
there these days.

> Result? We had two different ways of processing executable files, one
> in which we parsed ELF, and one in which we did not. In retrospect,
> that doesn't make a lot of sense.



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