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On Thu, Nov 22, 2007 at 05:46:06PM +0800, 蔡明耀 (my_tsai) wrote:
> > Looks good, but why disable PS/2 keyboard and mouse? Aren't these 
> > connectors available at all on the board or should the 
> > keyboard/mouse init be done by the southbridge (there is some code in *_lpc.c)?
> There is no connector and pin available on board. So it didn't need any resource.

OK, makes sense. I updated the comments in Config.lb a bit to reflect that.


> Attachment is the board's picture.

Nice, thanks! Are we allowed to put the picture into the wiki with a free-ish license (e.g. GPL, Creative Commons, BSD, public domain, or something like that)?

Yes, you can put them into wiki freely with most suited free-ish license.
Any post operation for wiki such like resizing, adding comment, is allowed.
Here are more pictures about the board, with same license form as above.

Signed-off-by: Morgan Tsai <my_tsai at sis.com>

> Now I fill the current status I am certain.

Thanks, wiki updated.

> There is a identical board I have deliverd for Ron Minnich.
> We can check it with him.

Yep, Ron, please feel free to update the table with whatever you can verify/test that it works.


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