[LinuxBIOS] Board support [VT8237R Plus]

Corey Osgood corey.osgood at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 05:30:58 CET 2007

Forest Dean Feighner wrote:
> Uwe Hermann wrote:
>> Please post the output of 'lspci -tvnn' and 'superiotool -dV' from the board.
>> Also, is your BIOS chip in a socket or soldered on the board? Please
>> also run 'flashrom -V' to check if flashrom supports your board (and
>> post the output here).
>> If you have a backup/spare BIOS chip you can try flashing the epia-m
>> target and see how it goes. Do _not_ do this if you don't have a
>> verified backup ROM chip with your original vendor BIOS!
> I attached the output of the three tools above.
> I'm a newb so I've not flashed the bios on this thing yet. Everything
> looks soldered.
> As far as I can tell the vendor bios is:
> http://www.via.com.tw/en/products/mainboards/downloads.jsp?motherboard_id=473
> Forest

Ah, this is cn700/vt8237r based. I had these devices working at one
point (on a different board), but in the course of some cleanup and
attempts at code improvements managed to break it. I think I've pretty
much nailed down all the problems, but I can't test it at the moment.
Patches should be sent in again by the end of the week, please do not
use the previous cn700 patch I sent in, or the vt8237r one, they're both
broken. Once the patches are in, porting should be as easy as switching
over the super io (it8705f is already supported) and swapping out or
modifying the acpi files.

The soldered on BIOS is a killer though, any chance of replacing it with
a socket?


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