[LinuxBIOS] Can't compile flashrom

Frederico Silva fred_silva at clix.pt
Sun Nov 25 22:38:04 CET 2007


If you need a windows environment without installing it, you can try use 
a Preinstalled Environment like BartPE <http://www.nu2.nu/pebuilder/>.
I don't know how to create a BartPE under Linux (maybe with Wine...).

Frederico Silva

Shocky wrote:
> On Sunday 25 November 2007 11:08, Frederico Silva wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm a new member of the mailing list too, until now i was only a passive
>> reader.
>> I have a suggestion. You can use grub to boot a floppy disk image with
>> the flasher and bios. (and flash it).
>> Here is how
>> http://gentoo-wiki.com/TIP_Boot_Floppydisk_Image_without_Floppy_using_GRUB
>> Good luck!
>> ____________
>> Frederico Silva
> I don't want to get into a big OT discussion on the list (esp. being new 
> here), but it looks like this just boots a dos image. I've been able to boot 
> dos on a cd iso I got on allbootdisks.com, and access the HP flash utility 
> (which is just a bundled version of the Phoenix bios winphlash utility) on a 
> usb key, but it says it won't run in dos mode. 
> It will apparently (from what I've read) run at a dos command prompt within 
> windoze. But windoze won't run from a cd without being installed (again 
> according to what I've read), and that's what I want to avoid.
> But thanks for the suggestion.
> Shocky

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