[LinuxBIOS] flashrom fails on GA-M57SLI with 1MB ROM

Harald Gutmann harald.gutmann at gmx.net
Wed Nov 21 23:19:01 CET 2007

Am Mittwoch, 21. November 2007 23:07:27 schrieb Andreas B. Mundt:
> Hi all,
> today, I replaced the 512kB EEPROM on my GA-M57SLI by a 1024kB
> SST49LF080A chip. Flashing of a 1024kB BIOS (after booting with
> proprietary BIOS) works fine. After booting LB, writing with flashrom
> fails. (If you rewrite the same linuxbios.rom and use '--verify',
> anything looks ok, but if you write something 'new' on the ROM, the
> verification fails. Reading the ROM content and comparing it with the
> content written shows differences at the very end of the image.)
> So the issue that has been solved for the 512kB LPC recently seems to
> pop up again!?

did you use flashrom -E befor writing the new file to the chip?
on the spi-revision i must erase the chip before writing something new to it, 
else the verification fails.

regards, harald
> Regards,
> 	Andi

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