[LinuxBIOS] "Trivial" patches

Torsten Duwe duwe at lst.de
Wed Nov 21 00:30:17 CET 2007

On Tuesday 20 November 2007, Uwe Hermann wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 20, 2007 at 07:40:26PM +0100, Carl-Daniel Hailfinger wrote:
> > OK, can we decide on what should be (not) allowed, preferably as regexp
> > for the diff?
> Please don't over-engineer this. It's fine to just flame the committer
> who did a trivial commit without it being really trivial (yeah, I know,
> I'm guilty of this sometimes too).
> In the worst case, if the commit really _breaks_ something or is
> wrong and there's opposition, we can just revert it (which I did
> in the past, too, with one of my "trivial" fixes).

> > Checking for added files in the commit hook is easy. [...]

> Overkill, IMO. Just flame whoever did crap, in the worst case we revert
> the patch.

Seconded. A "trivial" patch must _never_ break anything. Leave that basically 
to each committer's judgement. If it does break something, flame at will; we 
all make mistakes, but the blame must hurt ;-) In the long run, someone 
incapable of forseeing such breakage should not retain commit rights, IMHO.

Besides that, do we agree that at least adding a new function or macro is 
non-trivial (by definition, if you like)? This would also cover refactoring 
and the design of new subsystems and would allow to split out a new file from 
an existing big one OTOH.


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