[LinuxBIOS] Long LinuxBIOS boot

Coquelicot coquelicot408 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 12:57:01 CET 2007

Hey all,

I'm experiencing curiously long startup time - 20 seconds before LB
starts booting - on my VIA EPIA M-II. To investigate, I have
re-compiled LB with logging level 9 and it seems that the delay is
very long even before LB starts to output any messages to TTYS1. I am
worndering what can be the cause? I have compiled LB binary an
pre-pended it with original VIA video bios (extracted from the
motherboard). After boot, everything works very well, I can see the
Linux boot messages but 20 second startup time - that defies the whole
LB concept, so I am confused :). I have tested it with 2 different
power supplies and the result was the same, only slightly different -
with normal PC powersupply I managed to get LB booting in ~10 seconds
(ie. before first LB messages were sent to the serial port). The
original power supply that takes ~20 seconds to boot it M1-ATX carpc
power supply.

Big thanks for any help, I attach the LB boot log for reference

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