[LinuxBIOS] From slashdot - a company possibly using linuxbios.

Robert Vogel vogel at ct.metrocast.net
Wed Nov 14 04:37:51 CET 2007

I'm catching up on my reading, so there has been some delay since the last 
post to this thread.

One of the reasons why the LinuxBios project seems so large is that it 
attempts to satisfy the requirements of many different mother boards. Yet, 
it has not come up with a machine that is easily available. I don't see 
anything close to a desktop machine for the consumer yet.

Is there a good reason why a single, perhaps custom, motherboard running 
LinuxBios would not be sufficient for, say, most desktop users ?
The chipset could be selected so that there are no hiding places. If the 
Bios itself is socketed and replaceable, why should it not be a device that 
could be instantly on ?

Ideally, an independent organization such as the FSF might certify a machine 
that is completely open...and therefore trustworthy. It wouldn't need to be 
backwards compatible with DOS nor would it run windows. It could skip 
cutting-edge graphics so that there should be no NDAs. Is that possible ?

Thoughts ?

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