[LinuxBIOS] IT8705F/AF superiotool dump

Frieder Ferlemann frieder.ferlemann at web.de
Sun Nov 11 15:40:48 CET 2007

Hi Uwe,

Uwe Hermann schrieb:
>> (Seems to be found both at 0x2e and at 0x4e. Most lines have a
>> trailing white space)
> Hm, do you have _two_ of them on our board maybe? Can you look at
> the board and see if there are two?

There is only one (it's an ultra low cost board I bought
in Mid 2005 for 78 Euro including an AMD Athlon 2800 and cooler:)
The chip marking is:


> Also, you used version r2922 which is pretty old, please try the latest
> svn version of superiotool and see if it returns the same output.

Actually I used todays svn checkout of superiotool (Revision 2953)
but the freshly checked out tool reports an earlier revision here:

./superiotool --version
superiotool r2922

When I'm running make I see that this define is part of the gcc command line:


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