[LinuxBIOS] Complete and generic 32bit/64bit support

Myles Watson myles at pel.cs.byu.edu
Sat Nov 10 01:00:50 CET 2007


I like it.  It's much cleaner.

It doesn't build my 64-bit Serengeti Cheetah yet because of the UCLIBC_VER,
which needs to be 0.9.29

It also needs to choose KERNEL_VERSION for LAB when it's 64-bit.

The tiny patches don't get applied for the kernel anymore, which adds 25K

I know this is picky, but I meant to include iso9660 support too (here's the
new defconfig file attached

It also looks like the
packages/busybox/conf/defconfig-serengeti_cheetah-x86_64 didn't make it in
the patch

It complains the first time because it's trying to copy the payload to a
directory that doesn't exist yet (the LinuxBIOS build directory) because in
my Config.lb I made it use serengeti_cheetah-x86_64.  Either the config or
the BUILD_DIR variable needs to change.

Same thing about serengeti_cheetah.rom.  In my Config.lb I left it

I haven't tested the final image, but it builds now.


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