[LinuxBIOS] #80: serial console in grub2 works

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Wed Nov 7 00:20:50 CET 2007

#80: serial console in grub2 works
    Reporter:  oxygene      |         Owner:  oxygene                
        Type:  enhancement  |        Status:  closed                 
    Priority:  major        |     Milestone:  Port GRUB2 to LinuxBIOS
   Component:  code         |       Version:  v3                     
  Resolution:  fixed        |      Keywords:                         
Dependencies:               |   Patchstatus:  patch needs review     
Comment (by stuge):

 Is that really good enough? Isn't the console serial port in the LinuxBIOS
 table? If not, it should be. I guess it can and will change, especially
 for v3.

 This touches on the previous discussion about LB->payload interface specs.

 As long as GRUB2 has abstraction for LB I'm happy with whatever for now,
 but assuming that LB will always behave/provide like legacy BIOS is
 certainly not the way I would like it to work.

 Is this really closed?

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