[LinuxBIOS] Stale payloads

Myles Watson myles at pel.cs.byu.edu
Mon Nov 5 21:25:26 CET 2007

> On Fri, Nov 02, 2007 at 12:18:33PM -0600, Myles Watson wrote:
> > I've been spinning my wheels because of a stale payload.
> >
> > In the fallback directory, the payload file depends on the
> > ../{../}*/payload.elf file.  If you change that to
> ../../payload.lzma.elf to
> > retry, it won't get the new file if payload is newer than
> payload.lzma.elf.
> >
> >
> > It seems like there are several possible fixes, but the one I like is
> > changing buildtarget to remove the payload* files from normal, fallback,
> > etc.  The problem is that it doesn't look like buildtarget knows about
> those
> > directories.
> >
> > Is there a better way?
> If I understand you right, you want to change something in the code and
> then rebuild an image? If so, I recommend to _always_ 'rm -rf BUILDDIR'
> and re-do the "./buildtarget foo/bar" etc.

Not just a change in the code, sometimes just a different payload (ADLO vs.
FILO), but it's the same dependency issue.

Given that you recommend _always_ removing the BUILDDIR, I think the best
thing to do is to put the 'rm -rf BUILDDIR' into buildtarget.  There's no
reason to make it two steps.  It makes sense that when you run buildtarget
that it takes care of the details to make it build.

> That's the safest thing to do, you can then be sure that no old stuff
> is still left around and being incorrectly re-used. Yes, it's not really
> elegant or fast, but it's the one thing that works for sure.

Is that on the wake?


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