[LinuxBIOS] [patch] Fix M57SLI interrupt routing

Torsten Duwe duwe at lst.de
Mon Nov 5 12:04:11 CET 2007

This patch makes both PCI slots and the primary PCIe work for me, sort of.
The only downsides are that under heavy usage I lose an interrupt once in a 
while, but this might be due to irqpoll.

The other issue is that the graphics card still only initialises under X, and 
still very slowly.

Looking at mptable.c I get the impression it was copied almost verbatim from 
another board and not adopted to the M57SLI. Yinghai, where did you get the 
routing info from?

Another scary thing is that the wiring seems to differ when the board is set 
up via LinuxBIOS; legacy BIOS puts the PCIe 16x int A on the same line with 
bus 1 device 8, while LinuxBIOS does that with bus 1 device 7 ! Can anyone 
with a datasheet shed some light on this?

Anyway, here's the patch that improves things quite a lot on my machine.

please SVN-quote only below this line :-)
Fix the M57SLI routing table, as apparently  set up from LinuxBIOS on that 
board. Shift PCIe pin numbers downwards, and PCI int pins upwards. This puts 
both PCI slots' int A and PCIe 16x int A into the right position.

Signed-off-by: Torsten Duwe <duwe at lst.de>
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