Morgan Tsai /SiS my_tsai at sis.com
Mon Nov 5 11:46:56 CET 2007

Dear Peter,

Thanks for your opinion. The build number I wrote means the latest revision 
when I mail to mailing list.


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Subject: Re: [LinuxBIOS] GIGABYTE GA-2761GXDK

> Hi Morgan!
> On Fri, Nov 02, 2007 at 12:02:06PM +0800, Morgan Tsai /SiS wrote:
>> Here is the redone patch by TortoiseSVN, please try it again.
> Thanks! I think most of these changes have been committed from your
> previous patch already.
>> The newest I have is 2925.
> I don't know if you already have a lot of experience with SVN, but it
> can merge your changes in your working copy with whatever changes
> that have been committed already in the svn update command. Note that
> it will never overwrite the changes you have made, only combine what
> can be combined, and mark conflicts where changes can not be
> combined.
> If you do an update as the last step (and resolving any conflicts)
> before generating a patch you have made sure that your patch is
> against the latest revision.
> Please do an update if there have already been changes made in the
> repo that affect the same files as your patch.
> Please confirm that you are subscribed to the mailing list by the
> way? Then I will only post to the list from now on.
> //Peter 

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