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Hi all,
     I just made a post at a local forum.
 . Now while I was trying to get some info. for the post some issues
came up which would have further bolstered the business case of using
Linux BIOS.

1. There is no comparative presentation, datasheet or anything else which gives
    how current BIOSes including EFI performs vs linuxbios all things
remaining equal. Either on antiquated motherboards or any of the
recent/newer motherboards you guys have successfully ported/used to. A
graph or something like that would be better.

2. There is scant documentation about how EFI & DRM are bad for the
casual user. Have a wiki page dedicated to that perhaps, alongwith the
Apple spyware as public memory is short.

3. There is no .pdf/presentation of the event which took place at
fosdem given by Ron Minnich.

4. A way for the casual user to know as & when any new motherboards
come in the mkt. supporting linuxbios. I don't know about others but I
would subscribe for sure & having a list of interested individuals who
are ready to spend is a good pressure technique for vendors as well.

 Lemme know of what your thoughts are on the above.

- --
          Shirish Agarwal
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