[LinuxBIOS] reliable boot loader

Capt Beany captbeany at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Mar 30 22:28:24 CEST 2007

Many thanks for the responses and sorry for breaking
the chain but im away from my usual PC and need to use
a web account.

The "threat" im looking to prevent is power loss /
brain fade during an upgrade rather than deliberate
corruption or bit failure of the boot medium.
If power is lost during an upgrade, the boot loader
would skip the newest (possibly truncated) kernel and
boot an older one from (potentially) a different disk
and would give me a working system to fix the issue
remotely rather than a trip to a remote site.

I had previously looked at the fallback features of
grub but there appears to be no way to get the system
to boot in the case of a corrupted menu.lst file (ok
so im paranoid :-)

I hadnt looked at the nuni loader so thats another one
to add to the list of projects to look into.
I agree that this may not be directly relevant to
LinuxBIOS but my interest was tweeked by the range of
devices / filesystems that filo supports and I have no
wish to reinvent any filesystem related wheels.

Again many thanks for all your suggestions

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