[LinuxBIOS] CN700/VT8237RP support needed. Will pay.

Corey Osgood corey_osgood at verizon.net
Fri Mar 30 04:40:58 CEST 2007

As some of you may already know, Magnus has given me the contract. I'm
writing this because I want to make a few things known:

First and foremost, I told Magnus that if any of the senior developers
wanted this project (Ron, Stefan, Peter, David, Uwe, you guys know who
you are), to give it to them. You guys have been doing this a lot longer
than I have, and you definitely deserve it if you want it. If no one
else stepped up, I had a pretty good idea that I could do it. If any of
the senior devs still want this project, I'm willing to turn it over, or
if someone feels you're more qualified than me, please email me
privately and we will discuss it. I don't want their to be any feelings
of discontent over this.

Second, I have no intention of blowing the money on a car or some insane
new gaming system. Most of this will be going straight to the University
of Maine, to pay off my debts so I can go back to school this fall. I've
been working a full-time job and also part time under the table trying
to pay off my debts so I could go back this fall, and still wasn't going
to be able to make it. This was just exactly the opportunity I needed. I
intend to take at least a week off work just to work on this, and it
will also help to cover that cost.

Third, all the code I make will be submitted back to the LinuxBIOS
project, which means that in the future we will be able to support the
latest Epia-series and other embedded boards, which we've been seeing an
increased demand for. I feel this is the most important part of this
whole ordeal.

Fourth, if anyone wishes to help, please email me privately. There may
be some money involved, but only if the code is done by the 20th (which
is a very tight schedule, IMO), and as I said before, most of it is
earmarked already. We can discuss it.

The problem with the whole bounty system is that someone always gets
left out. Heck, everyone but one person gets left out. It's not fair, I
agree, but in the long run it's for the good of the project.


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