[LinuxBIOS] CN700/VT8237RP support needed. Will pay.

Magnus Feuer magnus.feuer at magden.us
Wed Mar 28 18:43:30 CEST 2007


First post - please don't kill me.

We are in the process of launching an embedded product based on a Jetway 
and need LinuxBIOS support for this setup.

Since we are a bit short on time, I would like to offer USD1500 to 
anyone who can get support in place according to the specs below. The 
final result obviously goes  back into the project with full GPL. If 
this offer violates any project rules / etiquette, or it is way off the 
mark, I sincerely apologize.

Our requirements, which are open for discussion:
1) Linuxrc executing three seconds after power on. Jetway can offer 6-7 
seconds for POST.

2) Always power on when power is applied

3) Blank screen. (We will splash from initrd)

4) Loads kernel directly from flash (in order to minimize 
chance of a bricked system and shorten boot time).

5) Initrd is read from USB memory stick, if available.

6) If no USB is plugged in, initrd is read from /dev/hda1, where root is 
also available.

7) The USB initrd can optionally flash a new kernel into firmware a part 
of the upgrade process.

8) Done by Apr 20.

We have a motherboard to send over as a development platform.

The idea with the initrd scheme is to provide a master USB memory stick 
to restore bricked units by having the kernel mount the stick's initrd, 
which would then load additional drivers and reinstall everything on 

If you have any questions or flames, please reply to the list. If you 
want to take on the job, mail me and we'll talk off list.


/Magnus Feuer
CTO Magden Technologies
magnus _dot feuer _at magden _dot us.

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