[LinuxBIOS] New with a GA-M57SLI-S4

Beth beth.null at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 17:16:36 CEST 2007

Hi all !!

This is my first post to the mailing list and my first question too
:). First of all I want to say that I am pleased to talk to everyone
around here.

Well, the problem is called M57SLI-S4 and its socketed bios. A
problem, not a problem, who knows.

I am thinking on flashing the bios without desoldering it, one mistake
and ... bye bye. Maybe I will have access to a desoldering station,
but I have no experience with plcc chips, and maybe the person who
works with it would have the same as I.

Has anyone found anything about the "second" plcc socket?

One friend of mine had a very "no no no, it don't likes me" idea, he
says that one way of removing the plcc bios could be cutting the chip
pins, but despite the "very intrusive" way, I will lose the chip, its
information, I must to buy at least another chip (I am looking for
it), and worst, I must to reprogram it (If I damage the current bios
for putting a socket, the system will get bricked without bios, and I
will not have the swap option ...).

Despite this, I wish to know one thing, it is common to get the board
bricked?, I say that because if someone can help me verifying the
steps, parameters, and so on, I think that I will try the "Russian
Roulette" with this board. In this case what information I must give
to you (some charitable soul ;) )

Well thats all, thanks, and best regards from Spain.

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