[LinuxBIOS] Fallback checking normal

WarrenHead warrenhead at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 16:41:37 CEST 2007

Stefan Reinauer wrote:
> * Thomas Ekstrand <thomas.ekstrand at gmail.com> [070327 10:25]:
>> Maybe it can be of some use in the documenation or something?
>> I will say that I'm no expert so it's basically a summary of what you
>> can find on the internet. but still...
> I think LinuxBIOS can greatly use this. We're still not exactly
> successfully conveying what LinuxBIOS is to our potential users. Any
> step towards that helps.
>   Stefan

May I be of help here by acting as a complete nono?
I have been reading the emails fly by here for the last two weeks and 
been trying to read through the entire website, but I still lack a few 
reasons for even wanting to begin with linuxbios. As a user mind you, 
because otherwise this project is ofcourse wildly interesting.
So, as an ordinary person who just owns a pc, what would I get out of 
using linuxbios instead of the proprietary one that came with my machine 
I did watch the FOSDEM presentation video of Ron Minnich, so I'm not 
entirely in the blue. I understand the proper support for clusters and 
the point about your bios not contacting its manufacturers without you 
But, I find the point (expressed as a big plus) of having a prompt 
waiting for input, just a few seconds after booting, a bit vague.

What exactly am I supposed to be able to do right away at that point?
Is my own special kernel running yet, are my filesystems mounted, am I 
able to start my own favorite movie/music player?

As a normal user, sofar, I see linuxbios simply shaving off a few 
seconds of booting time, and thats it.
In other words, I see its merit as being an open system that can grow 
into something extremely cool, but I don't see its necessity, especially 
right now.

(I do however hope that Luc Verhaegen keeps at it and brings support for 
the via mini-itx boards into play, since these are mediacenters and 
should be instant-on.
And I do hope that the intel 440BX chipsets becomes supported, since 
that might be very cool for the freesco project that uses such ancient 
hardware and could do with a flashable ROM.)

Cheers, Warren

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