[LinuxBIOS] northbridge docs

Yuning Feng fengyuning1984 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 24 08:16:48 CET 2007

2007/3/17, Uwe Hermann <uwe at hermann-uwe.de>:
> According to Ron the 440LX datasheets were quite good. See
> http://www.intel.com/design/chipsets/datashts/290564.htm
(RAM init starts on page 84 or so)
> Of course this is chipset-specific to some extent, but it should give
> you a generel idea about the process.
This kind of knowledge is important for a newbie to understand LinuxBIOS,
but takes a long time to find.
Would it be a good idea to collect these beginning informations and make a
reading list or an FAQ ?
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