[LinuxBIOS] PhyWrite [SPI flash-chips] PCI ROM

Quux pawn2be.wild at yahoo.de
Wed Mar 21 14:37:16 CET 2007

Bari Ari schrieb:
> Quux wrote:
>> the xilinx looks nicer than the altera except the latter pas pci and 
>> also some example designs as pci expansion cards come with it. on the 
>> little patch area there may be just enough space for some 
>> small-outline memory like RAM, connector to plcc socket or such.   --Q
> What advantage to you see with PCI over USB and Ethernet?
> PCI is disappearing from desktop/server mainboards and was never on 
> laptops except in the form of miniPCI.
> USB and Ethernet is available on almost all desktop/server mainboards 
> and laptops.

You can do memory mapped I/O which is fast and simple. Physics cards are 
mostly PCI cards for speed reasons.
A hardware chess computer would best be done as pci card too, I guess. 
You could work towards hardware debugger capabilities using a compact 
NMI-Service Routine. for our purpose, both systems are eligible tho.   --Q

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