[LinuxBIOS] 答复: OLPC source codes

Hao Li lihao at mprc.pku.edu.cn
Wed Mar 21 01:57:08 CET 2007

I am not sure about this:
1) I cannot find codes enabling SMIs that permit each module
(especially virtualized device) generate SMI when accessing it.
2) where should VSA be put in memory? OLPC codes put VSA code at 
6000h:20h, which is about 384KB. I think it can be overwritten 
when I use Linux as payload. 
Should we put this codes in the top of memory?(120MB maybe)
3) the definitions of how and what modules connect to GLIU0 in northbridge
OLPC codes are different from what gx2 databook saying...


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* lihao <lihao at mprc.pku.edu.cn> [070320 18:20]:
> Hello,
> I am reading OLPC source codes in LinuxBIOS V2.
> In src/northbridge/amd/gx2/northbridgeinit.c there is a comment like
> _/* hmm. AMD source has SMM here ... SMM, not DMM? We think DMM */_,
> and also in src/include/cpu/amd/gx2def.h there are lots of comments about
> _geode.asm_,
> mainly for POST value.
> My question is: Does AMD release BIOS's source codes to OLPC developers?
> If so, I think it should be open source, where can I get them?

LinuxBIOS is free. AMD has helped writing it. Which parts are you missing? 

Whats DMM?

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