[LinuxBIOS] Getting Friendly with Flashrom

David H. Barr dhbarr at gozelle.com
Wed Mar 21 01:53:08 CET 2007

On 3/20/07, David H. Barr <dhbarr at gozelle.com> wrote:
> I have not yet issued a write in the ORG position, only read and verify.  I
> erased the Pm49FL004 flash part present in the BIOS Savior, not the onboard
> W39V040B.

Long story short, flashrom -w is a no-go for this board (MSI K9N Neo f
/ ms7260).
Tried in both ORG and RD1 modes with BIOS Savior PMC4, and with the following
loose flash parts:

  PMC Pm49FL004
  Winbond W39V040B

-r and -E flags both worked a treat; verified this by issuing an
erase, then a -r to
file, then a -vV against the resulting file.  It was the only time I ever saw
a "Verifying flash - VERIFIED" message.

Anyhoo, chalk another board on the "needs vendor mojo to enable writes" list.
For the record, the vendor-supplied utility is "AMIFlh.exe" from AMIBIOS.


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