[LinuxBIOS] PhyWrite [SPI flash-chips] PCI ROM

Quux pawn2be.wild at yahoo.de
Tue Mar 20 22:31:15 CET 2007

Bari Ari schrieb:
> Quux wrote:
>> does the $150 xilinx board come with full software to do that ?
>> the altera has "free" soft going with it - and is a pci card.    
>> greetinx --Q
> Both boards come with eval software. Either board would still need to 
> have software written to be functional as a Flash programmer.
> The Altera board only comes with 1MB (128Kx8) of SRAM. So memory would 
> have to be added. This could be done via the prototype headers with a 
> custom board.
> The Xilinx board comes with 128 Mbit Parallel Flash, 16 Mbit SPI Flash 
> and 64 MByte DDR SDRAM on board. It can be used to program Flash in or 
> out of circuit and also be used to emulate Flash in circuit through 
> the use of a few custom adapter cables. The Xilinx board seems to be 
> more versatile.
the xilinx looks nicer than the altera except the latter pas pci and 
also some example designs as pci expansion cards come with it. on the 
little patch area there may be just enough space for some small-outline 
memory like RAM, connector to plcc socket or such.   --Q

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