[LinuxBIOS] OLPC source codes

lihao lihao at mprc.pku.edu.cn
Tue Mar 20 18:20:52 CET 2007

I am reading OLPC source codes in LinuxBIOS V2. 
In src/northbridge/amd/gx2/northbridgeinit.c there is a comment like below:
_/* hmm. AMD source has SMM here ... SMM, not DMM? We think DMM */_,
and also in src/include/cpu/amd/gx2def.h there are lots of comments about _geode.asm_, 
mainly for POST value.

My question is: Does AMD release BIOS's source codes to OLPC developers?
If so, I think it should be open source, where can I get them?


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