[LinuxBIOS] New in the list. Motherboard question.

Guillaume Dualé g.duale at free.fr
Mon Mar 19 23:00:28 CET 2007

Hi everybody,
I'm new in the list !

I would like to know if I can install Linux Bios in my mother board ?

I take a look at: http://linuxbios.org/Supported_Motherboards
and my motherboard is not in.

My motherboard is P5T30-B4 TEKRAM: http://www.otasc.org/motherboard.log

So, here: http://linuxbios.org/Supported_Chipsets_and_Devices I see my 
chip is "supported" by LinuxBiosV1.

Vendor : Intel®
Northbridge: 430TX
Status: ? <-- Oops!
v2?: No

My quesiton is, "finally is my chipset supported ?"
And, can I install LinuxbiosV1 without problems ?

Thank you,

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