[LinuxBIOS] Problem on compilation

ccases at navista.fr ccases at navista.fr
Mon Mar 19 11:55:33 CET 2007

Hi all,

I have some problem on LinuxBios compilation, some people tried to help
me, but for now I am always blocked. This is all of my step for compil :

I use buildtarget like this :

in ../targets/ :

$ ./buildtarget advantech/pcm-5823

see file log1 in Archive.tar.gz

cd advantech/pcm-5823/pcm-5823/

$ export LC_ALL=en_US
$ make

see file log2 in Archive.tar.gz

The log file contains the complete compilation logs.

If you have any question on my configuration, ask me ;)

in the Archive.tar.gz you have all of my config file

thank's for your help



PS : My mail server bug last week, and I have receive just a part of mail
of the mailing list not all, and I don't know if my last mail as sent or
not, sorry if it's a doubled mail.
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