[LinuxBIOS] Flashrom and AM29LV040B flash chip

Priit Laes amd at store20.com
Sun Mar 18 16:46:34 CET 2007


How well does Flashrom work with AM29LV040B [1] flash chip?

I took apart my old Dell Latitude C600 laptop with thoughts that I could
maybe get it working with LinuxBIOS, but well, chip itself is soldered
on the motherboard [2] (16 pins inside 8 millimeters) so I would first
have to figure out how to implement the hotswapping.

Also, does anyone have ideas where to order these flash chips (PLCC) in
Europe, preferably Finland?

[1] Datasheets: http://www.spansion.com/products/Am29LV040B.html
[2] http://plaes.org/files/2007-Q1/2007-03-18-latitude-c600-bios.jpg

Priit :)

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