[LinuxBIOS] new: hello ?! recommendation and question

C.-Valentin Schmitt c-v.schmitt at web.de
Sun Mar 18 13:46:29 CET 2007

Hello dear Linuxbioxers,

first this question:

how do I reach the floppy-device for a bios-flash ???

It does not work here.

I performed a new platform-independent bios-update.
Its of course property of Free Software Foundation and of www.gnu.org,
else of gnu-public-license from 1.0 to 2.0. It must NOT be used for malicious
purpose and of course NOT for commmercial purpose.

New bios-update runs really between geniousity and madness. Its really
not insane. I name it simply "ga-ga-biox version 0.01". Its written in
paranoian-modus and its really strange. I still dont know, why it works
And of course the inventor of unix was a woman. But I dont know her, and
I dont know, if she still is alive.

Please reply, if line is ok. I answer not today ! here already strange things
happen. take care.

best regards to the tux-community.
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