[LinuxBIOS] Via vt82c694 (vt694) in LBv1 - working?

Uwe Hermann uwe at hermann-uwe.de
Sat Mar 17 02:48:20 CET 2007

On Fri, Mar 16, 2007 at 01:44:08AM -0400, Corey Osgood wrote:
> I've been trying for days to get this chipset to pass a ram test, and 
> nothing seems to work. So far, I've tried programming the registers in 
> the order they're programmed in v1, both from raminit.inc and 
> raminitspd.inc. I'm assuming that since there _IS_ a raminit using spd, 
> that the raminit without spd works, or did work at some point. Is that a 
> valid assumption, or should I be starting from scratch? In the comments, 
> there are also notes about register orders that were tried, and notes 
> when it failed, but doesn't say that it ever worked. I've also tried 
> using the ordering from vt8601, which seems to be very similar.

I don't know whether the v1 code is supposed to work, but there's a
commit message of "Works on more memory with this settings" so I guess
it should work...

Maybe we should just give it a try? I'll see if I can successfully
compile the v1 code...

> I've been using values from LBv1, values from my lspci, and values that 
> I've come up with from the datasheets. The ram seems to be initializing 
> (checking 16mb takes roughly 20 minutes),

20 minutes? That sounds pretty long. With the 440BX northbridge it takes
a few seconds at most (but doesn't work either ;)

>  but it never passes. Depending 
> on what I use, it either spurts out random values, 0xffffffff, or 
> alternates between that and 0xffffff80.

FWIW, that's the same behaviour I see with the (non-working) 440BX code...
I guess if we find the solution for one of them, we'll soon be able to
support both chipsets...

> I've also noticed something a bit weird. Rx78[0] controls CKE, and 
> setting it to 1 enables it, according to the docs. lspci reports that 
> it's set to 0, I might be wrong but that doesn't seem quite right. 
> Should I be trusting lspci, and disabling CKE, or writing that off as an 
> error on lspci's part?

Not sure. But it could be the case that some registers only
temporarily have a certain value, but after a successful init/boot the
value changes. So lcpci is probably not always the correct thing...

(but please someone correct me if I'm wrong)

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