[LinuxBIOS] Problem on compilation

ccases at navista.fr ccases at navista.fr
Wed Mar 14 10:53:25 CET 2007

> On 3/12/07, ccases at navista.fr <ccases at navista.fr> wrote:
>> rm -f linuxbios.a
>> ar cr linuxbios.a  malloc.o lapic_cpu_init.o pci_ops.o lapic.o
>> smbus_ops.o
>> memset.o pci_ops_auto.o superio.o linuxbios_table.o fallback_boot.o
>> pciexp_device.o tables.o keyboard.o pnp_device.o printk.o irq_tables.o
>> pcix_device.o decode.o pci_device.o console.o delay_tsc.o elfboot.o
>> hardwaremain.o boot.o i8259.o delay.o version.o pci_ops_mmconf.o
>> memcmp.o
>> exception.o secondary.o isa-dma.o pcibios.o hypertransport.o vtxprintf.o
>> ops.o prim_ops.o root_device.o cardbus_device.o uart8250.o sys.o
>> device_util.o ./option_table.o compute_ip_checksum.o device.o onboard.o
>> northbridge.o memcpy.o agp_device.o clog2.o pirq_routing.o memmove.o
>> pci_rom.o pci_ops_conf2.o pci_ops_conf1.o mc146818rtc.o cache.o fpu.o
>> rom_stream.o debug.o c_start.o ops2.o biosemu.o vsprintf.o cpu.o
>> static.o
>> gcc -m32 -nostdlib -r -o linuxbios_ram.o c_start.o  uart8250_console.o
>> model_gx1_init.o mainboard.o cs5530.o vga_console.o cs5530_ide.o
>> linuxbios.a /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i486-linux/3.3.5/libgcc.a
>> gcc -m32 -nostdlib -nostartfiles -static -o linuxbios_ram -T
>> /home/ccases/LinuxBIOSv2/src/config/linuxbios_ram.ld linuxbios_ram.o
>> linuxbios_ram.o(.text+0x4b6b): In function `write_tables':
>> : undefined reference to `write_pirq_routing_table'
>> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> yes, you need a write_pirq_routing_table function in mainboard.c, as
> that function is usually mainboard-dependent. You can grab one from,
> e.g., the msm80sev mainboard.c; it will most likely work.
> thanks
> ron

In the file LinuxBIOSv2/src/mainboard/digitallogic/msm800sev/mainboard.c I
don't see the fonction do you speak. And if I use this file like this :

#include <console/console.h>
#include <device/device.h>
#include <device/pci.h>
#include <device/pci_ids.h>
#include <device/pci_ops.h>
#include <arch/io.h>
#include <cpu/x86/msr.h>
#include <cpu/amd/lxdef.h>
#include "chip.h"

#define DIVIL_LBAR_GPIO         0x5140000c
static void init_gpio()
                msr_t msr;
                printk_debug("Initializing GPIO module...\n");
                // initialize the GPIO LBAR
                msr.lo = GPIO_BASE;
                msr.hi = 0x0000f001;
                wrmsr(DIVIL_LBAR_GPIO, msr);
                msr = rdmsr(DIVIL_LBAR_GPIO);
                printk_debug("DIVIL_LBAR_GPIO set to 0x%08x 0x%08x\n",
msr.hi, msr.lo);

tatic void init(struct device *dev)
                unsigned bus = 0;
                unsigned devNic = PCI_DEVFN(0xd, 0);
                unsigned devUsb = PCI_DEVFN(0xf, 4);
                device_t usb = NULL, nic = NULL;
                unsigned char irqUsb = 0xa, irqNic = 0xb;
                printk_debug("ADVANTECH PCM5823 ENTER %s\n", __FUNCTION__);

#if 0
                // FIXME: do we need to initialize USB OHCI this way?
                printk_debug("%s (%x,%x) set USB PCI interrupt line to %d\n",
                        __FUNCTION__, bus, devUsb, irqUsb);

                // initialize the USB controller
                usb = dev_find_slot(bus, devUsb);
                if (!usb) printk_err("Could not find USB\n");
                else pci_write_config8(usb, PCI_INTERRUPT_LINE, irqUsb);
                printk_debug("%s (%x,%x) set NIC PCI interrupt line to %d\n",
                        __FUNCTION__, bus, devNic, irqNic);

                // initialize theEEPRO 100
                nic = dev_find_slot(bus, devNic);
                if (!nic) printk_err("Could not find USB\n");
                else pci_write_config8(nic, PCI_INTERRUPT_LINE, irqNic);
                printk_debug("ADVANTECH PCM5823 EXIT %s\n", __FUNCTION__);

static void enable_dev(struct device *dev)
                dev->ops->init = init;

struct chip_operations mainboard_advantech_pcm5823_ops = {
        CHIP_NAME("ADVANTECH PCM-5823 Mainboard")
        .enable_dev = enable_dev,

I have an error :

SE_FAILOVER_IMAGE='0' -Os -nostdinc -nostdlib -fno-builtin  -Wall -o
error: syntax error before "void"
/home/ccases/LinuxBIOSv2/src/mainboard/advantech/pcm-5823/mainboard.c: In
function `init':
warning: unused variable `bus'
warning: unused variable `devNic'
warning: unused variable `devUsb'
warning: unused variable `usb'
warning: unused variable `nic'
warning: unused variable `irqUsb'
warning: unused variable `irqNic'
make[1]: *** [mainboard.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory
make: *** [fallback/linuxbios.rom] Error 1

Thank's By advance for your help.



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