[LinuxBIOS] trying to boot gigabyte m57sli-s4

ST st at iss.tu-darmstadt.de
Mon Mar 12 21:42:59 CET 2007

Thanks for your quick answer.
> Booting with noapic works for me:
yah, but i'd really like to use both processors of this X2 ...
So am i right that you can't boot without the "noapic" line?

I am going to trying the rc kernels.
> Yeah, normal boot first :)
> > Besides does anybody know if the second free place on the PCB is still
> > connected in a proper way to enable diy dual boot bios. Does anybody know
> > which spi flash type is placed on the m57sli-s4.
> Uhm - none I think. If you look closely at the second (free) place, you'll
> see paths for a plcc socket, and within that, paths for an spi flash part
> (I think).
Ok, so placing a plcc socket would probably work out for a diy dual socket 
> You only need the outer ring for the plcc. That's what the first chip is -
> when ours came off, there was nothing underneath.
I would prefer not to remove the first part but solder something on the free 
space. I think i have to search my multimeter.


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