[LinuxBIOS] 5 Euro flash hardware

Quux pawn2be.wild at yahoo.de
Mon Mar 12 16:08:58 CET 2007

Ward Vandewege schrieb:
> A proper programmer would be useful, but only if it can be used with free
> software. There's also this rom-emulator:
>   http://www.tech-tools.com/er3.htm
> Richard Smith told me that the dos-based cli software works under wine, but
> it's still a proprietary thing.

> http://www.loet.de/index.html

this flasher can be homebrewed at 5 euro component cost and free linux 
flash software is available.
you can also buy a ready-made flasher.

it hooks to the IDE 40-pin port.  afaik the cheapest solution available 
w/  32 pin plcc           --Q

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