[LinuxBIOS] Status VIA Epia M1000

"Jørgen P. Tjernø" jorgen at devsoft.no
Mon Mar 12 03:35:31 CET 2007


I've got an Epia M1000 that I use as a mediamachine (HTPC?), and I 
recently learnt of LinuxBIOS. Therefore, I was curious wether or not 
using LinuxBIOS would be to my advantage, e.g. to reduce boot-times. I 
see the main LinuxBIOS lists HTPC under example uses. :-)

So, I'm curious. Would you recommend me trying out LinuxBIOS on the 
machine? What advantages would it give me?
Also, does LinuxBIOS v2 (or the unfinished v3) support Epia M1000 
properly? On the "Supported Motherboards" page for LinuxBIOS v2, it says 
"Motherboard mostly works, but some issues remain." on Epia-M. Is this 
correct? Are there any places which list the issues that I can expect?

I should probably also mention that it boots Linux (Ubuntu) over the 
network, currently using PXE for the linux image, and NFS for the root fs.

Thanks in advance.

Kindest regards, Jørgen P. Tjernø.

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