[LinuxBIOS] CrashFree, Virtual DualBIOS, etc.OA

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Thu Mar 8 16:13:41 CET 2007

* Luc Verhaegen <libv at skynet.be> [070304 14:49]:
> Stefan, do you have some recollection what board, specifically, that io 
> line change in flash_enable_VT823x is/was for?
No, unfortunately I don't remember. I think that code was written by
Ollie Lho? 

It is definitely mainboard specific code and should go to the mainboard
specific section, not the chipset specific section. But fortunately it
did not hurt yet.

It is some Epia or Epia-M(II) board based on C3.

> Also, if the chip is still locked down, would it be returning a bogus ID 
> or would it be returning 0xFFFF as when you try to access it at 
> 512/1024kB? Does the fact that it returns 0x1E25 have any significance 
> at all?

If the chip is locked down, reading that position would just reveal the
data written to that address in the chip. So 0x1E25 can be some data,
but also the ID. If the data changes once you send the identify command,
it is (most likely) the ID. If it stays the same, it is almost certain
only data.

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