[LinuxBIOS] LinuxBios on a HP ePC C10 ?

Klaus Gimm, jr. teclis22 at schatten-welt.de
Wed Mar 7 16:01:50 CET 2007

Hi all !


This is the first time ever i am writing to a mailing list, so i hope i dont
make a fool of myself :o)


Ok I stumbled over your page and project by accident. If I understand
everything correct is an alternate BIOS software (Based on Linux, hence the
name) that allows faster boot ups and provides more functionality then the
classic bios versions. 


So first things first, can I Install  the software on a HP ePc c10


Here is the information I was able to gather over the machine with a Bios
Tool and Sandra:


Bios Type: American Megatrends licensed to Intel

Bios Date: 07/11/01 (latest i was able to aquire)

Bios ID: 63-10B5-001121-00101011-071595-WHITNEY-1AAFR051


Chipset: Intel Whitney 82810E rev 3


Super I/O: NSC 364 rev 11 found at port 2Eh


ACPI: 1.0


CPU: Intel P3 - 933 Mhz


RAM: 256 MB


BIOS ROM: in socket, 512 kb




Graphic, Sound, and Ethernet are all onboard. 


Currently it seems I am not able to install anything bigger then 256 MB ram,
would a bios upgrade change this ? 


Yours sincerely,





P.S: Keep up the good work, awesome stuff so far.

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