[LinuxBIOS] Problems on Compilation with abuild

ccases at navista.fr ccases at navista.fr
Wed Mar 7 09:04:49 CET 2007

> On Tue, Mar 06, 2007 at 02:20:24PM +0100, ccases at navista.fr wrote:
>> > There might be some problems with setting the language to french. Can
>> > you try export LANG="" before compiling LinuxBIOS and see if it
>> changes
>> > something?
>> Thank's, I have test and the compilation work (not complet because I
>> have
>> forget an link for etherboot)
>> > Another idea... have you checked out the tree on a windows box?
>> I don't understand.
> Are you working on a Windows machine or on a Linux machine?
> I.e. do you use something like Cygwin in Windows?
> Uwe.
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I use an Linux machine (debian and suse), for now it's ok I have change
the language. but I have an error, only the fallback mode compil not the
normal mode.

the message is :

VER_IMAGE='0' -Os -nostdinc -nostdlib -fno-builtin  -Wall -o rom_stream.o
/home/ccases/LinuxBIOSv2/src/stream/rom_stream.c:47:90: invalid suffix "x"
on integer constant
/home/ccases/LinuxBIOSv2/src/stream/rom_stream.c: In function `stream_init':
/home/ccases/LinuxBIOSv2/src/stream/rom_stream.c:83: warning: comparison
between pointer and integer
/home/ccases/LinuxBIOSv2/src/stream/rom_stream.c:83: warning: comparison
between pointer and integer
/home/ccases/LinuxBIOSv2/src/stream/rom_stream.c:84: warning: assignment
makes pointer from integer without a cast
make[1]: *** [rom_stream.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory
make: *** [normal/linuxbios.rom] Error 1

thank's by advance for your help.



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