[LinuxBIOS] Problems booting off Epia MII compact flash (filo)

John Koleszar jkoleszar at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 16:33:51 CET 2007

Peter Stuge wrote:
> Here are the threads from when I was working on this:
Thanks for the pointers. My initial plan had been to just use the card
in IDE mode, since I don't really need the hotplug support for my
application. I do need pcmcia support though for a wlan card, so I was a
bit worried about how that interaction would go. I hadn't considered
trying to access the card in pcmcia mode - that seems like it should
Just Work.
> Re long cycles, I suggest using an Etherboot payload. You can even
> send FILO as a boot image to Etherboot, and experimenting with kernel
> parameters becomes simple.
Hmm.. I'm not sure I can use Etherboot for this FILO problem - if it's
the PCI config that wipes out the PCMCIA bridge config set up by
linuxbios, won't Etherboot also wipe the bridge config when it sets up
the bus to talk to the NIC, leaving FILO unable to see the CF
(regardless of the SUPPORT_PCI setting)?

To be sure, Etherboot will likely be useful when I get to building a
kernel/initramfs. FILO booting Etherboot would be particularly
interesting to me, assuming I'm right about Etherboot booting FILO above.



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