[LinuxBIOS] MenuetOS and LinuxBIOS?

Uwe Hermann uwe at hermann-uwe.de
Mon Mar 5 03:09:28 CET 2007


someone added MenuetOS (http://www.menuetos.net/) to the list of
LinuxBIOS payloads in the wiki.

MenuetOS seems to be a small (1.44 MB), graphical operating system
written completely in assembler. And it's GPL'd.

Has anybody ever tried using it with LinuxBIOS? FWIW, it runs just
fine in QEMU:

  wget http://mesh.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/menuet/M32-084.ZIP
  unzip M32-084.ZIP
  qemu -fda M32-084.IMG -std-vga

I'm not so sure whether it will run using LinuxBIOS, though. From
looking at the code it seems to do BIOS (interrupt) calls, if I'm not
mistaken. Examples:


    mov   ax,0x0000               ; reset drive
    mov   dx,0x0000
    int   0x13


    mov   ah,0x87
    int   0x15

Does this mean MenuetOS will not run with LinuxBIOS?

Thanks, Uwe.
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