[LinuxBIOS] RD1-PMC4 Inventory

Richard Smith smithbone at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 18:19:36 CET 2007

Ooops.  forgot to cc: the list.

Ward Vandewege wrote:

 >> E.U.  Does anybody know of a U.S. vendor that has stock remaining (I
 >> know, they're not manufactured anymore)?
 > Funny you should mention that. I just ordered 2 this morning from 
that place
 > in Sweden - and it's more like $45 delivered. Couldn't find a US reseller
 > either.

We need to purchase the remaining stock of these things and sell/loan
them among ourselves.  I've got $500 that I'll donate to the cause to
start the ball rolling.  Who else is in ?  What models do we want?

Richard A. Smith
smithbone at gmail.com

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