[LinuxBIOS] Building a Linux-powered gaming console...

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006 at gmx.net
Fri Mar 2 19:39:02 CET 2007


On 02.03.2007 19:26, Per Ekström wrote:
> * How hard would it be to make a system that cold boots to accelerated
> graphics functionality in less than ten seconds? Is it even possible
> with the PCs of today?

That depends on how you boot the machine. If you can go from GRUB
prompt to accelerated graphics in less than ten seconds, you can do
the same with LinuxBIOS from a cold boot.

> * Would it be possible to fit a minimalistic system with accelerated
> 3D graphics (possibly ditching the X-Server) on a motherboard?

If you can cram all of this into 2 MB, then yes. But I doubt you'll
be able to do that.

> * Would we need some sort of special hardware in order to achieve the
> above? (e.g. extra NVRAM or similar)

If you just want fast booting speed without delays, I suggest using
some sort of flash, perhaps on USB (although USB might cost you
~1-2 seconds). It is certainly faster than waiting for a hard drive
to become ready.

> * Would you reccommend to go with a small X-server like tinyx,
> something that draws to the framebuffer or something else entirerly?

Not for accelerated graphics.


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