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Per Ekström wertigon at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 19:26:47 CET 2007


My name is Per Ekström, and I'm one of the designers on the Open Game
Console[1] project. We are trying to create an Open Game Console
standard, and right now we're discussing how to best make one, what
features it will have, what to include, what not to include and what
should be modules, and so on and so forth. Me and my associates are
convinced that this idea can fly, and so we would like to develop a
prototype system. If you wish to know more about this system, please
read our proposal[2].

It was decided pretty early on that to reach it's goals the project
would need some sort of open firmware. LinuxBIOS is one of the top
candidates for this project, due to it's impressive track record.
We're almost set on using LinuxBIOS as a base, but I have a few
questions first:

* How hard would it be to make a system that cold boots to accelerated
graphics functionality in less than ten seconds? Is it even possible
with the PCs of today?
* Would it be possible to fit a minimalistic system with accelerated
3D graphics (possibly ditching the X-Server) on a motherboard?
* Would we need some sort of special hardware in order to achieve the
above? (e.g. extra NVRAM or similar)
* Would you reccommend to go with a small X-server like tinyx,
something that draws to the framebuffer or something else entirerly?

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about OGC, please
feel free to either post at our forums[3] or ask me directly via mail
or IM (my Jabber address is wertigon at jabber.nulani.net ). I'm looking
forward to hear your answers. :)

- Per

[1] http://www.opengameconsole.org/
[2] http://www.opengameconsole.org/proposal.html
[3] http://www.opengameconsole.org/forum/index.php
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