[LinuxBIOS] Tyan Tiger 133 Support in LinuxBIOSv2?

Sean Smith seantsmith at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 19:19:26 CET 2007

Any chance that LinuxBIOSv2 will support Tyan Tiger 133 (S1834)
motherboards?  I see the support in LinuxBIOSv1 is there, according to
the wiki, but it's marked "No" under "LBv2".  Although I can't be much
help in contributing code, I've got two of these motherboards and
would be happy to be a tester if someone's got the time.  Yes, I
realize that this is an older motherboard, but I'm sure there are
plenty of us who like to squeeze every little bit of life out of our
older hardware.

I'll warn you that I'm new to the project, but I'm motivated to see
this succeed.  I like the idea of not being tied to broken APIC
implementations and desperately waiting for the vendor to fix them.


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