[LinuxBIOS] Dell P133v

John Talbut john at dpets.demon.co.uk
Fri Mar 2 15:26:02 CET 2007


Thanks for your response.

I cannot get an lspci at the moment, I cannot get enough of a system running on
the box.  What information do you need in particular?

According to
http://support.euro.dell.com/support/edocs/dta/%5Fhannbl/00000013.htm the super
I/O is SMC FDC37C93XFR .  The BIOS chip is soldered on, I think.  I have not
been able to find it, but it seems that only cache and video memory is plugged in.


Uwe Hermann wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wed, Feb 21, 2007 at 02:55:20PM +0000, John Talbut wrote:
>> I would like to know the position with regard to LinuxBIOS support for my machine.
>> It is a Dell Dimension P133v.  It seems to defy normal methods of identifying 
>> the motherboard (eg from a BIOS code).  The Intel chips are SB82371SB and 
>> SB82437VX.  There is a code AA654154-305 which I think is an Intel identifier, 
>> but they do not list it.  The BIOS is simply identifies as Version A02.
> It's not supported out of the box, but maybe we can get it working...
> Can you send the lspci output for the box?
> What Super I/O does it use? Is the BIOS chip (PLCC or DIP?) socketed or
> soldered on?
> Uwe.

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