[LinuxBIOS] LinuxBios on a braille display ?

Sébastien Hinderer Sebastien.Hinderer at ens-lyon.org
Fri Mar 2 14:44:02 CET 2007

> Geode is the CPU/SoC series used in the system. Originally manufactured
> by National Semiconductors and/or Cyrix, AMD bought the technology and
> improved it. It's not exactly an "easy" CPU/chipset, but it has been
> supported by LinuxBIOS since quite some time.

Okay, thanks.

> Is the bios chip of that board socketed or soldered on?

I don't know what "socketed or soldered on" means.
Should it be the case that at lest one of these is true, or could it be
that none holds ?

And, is there a program/command I could run to answer your question ?
Or perhaps the BIOS itself can answerThis ?


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