[LinuxBIOS] Supported chipset "Supported Chipsets and Devices"

Adam Talbot talbotx at comcast.net
Fri Mar 2 11:42:32 CET 2007

Still working on updating the "Supported Chipsets and Devices" page.
Status of the GX1?  The target using the GX1 code compiles ea(gle lion 
5bcm), does it work?

Any one out there with a confirmed working chipset, work in progress, or 
you know it is not supported, please pipe up.  Trying to help fill one 
of the Linuxbios documentation hole.

Adam Talbot wrote:
> Looking for an update to the "Supported Chipsets and Devices" page on 
> linuxbios.org
> I am more then happy to update the page, but I need a list of the newly 
> supported/WIP chips. Both north, and south.  The CPU section really need 
> help.  The only supported CPU is QEMU, HAHAHA.   I know we have support 
> for may AMD cpus and VIA cpu's, what all do we support?
> -Adam Talbot

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