[LinuxBIOS] mcp55 flashrom problem

Stefan Reinauer stefan.reinauer at coresystems.de
Thu Mar 1 11:40:28 CET 2007

Ward Vandewege wrote:
> So, you've verified that the image that flashrom reads matches what you can
> download from the manufacturers website (extracted)?

There will often be small differences between those, too. ie. in the
"DMI area".

> Flashrom doesn't crash or anything here, and it might just *write* fine (not
> tested yet), but reading gives the wrong data. 

Don't try it unless reading works reliably. Writing "requires reading"
for the write to work. (It polls for the data to "arrive" in the chip")

> We know, because we got the ID
> for the chip back, that at least a couple of writes to the chip succeeded.

Weird. This is a pretty good sign that shadowing is disabled, normally.

Maybe not all of shadowing is disabled? only half the chip?

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